Need a new t-shirt?


13 Responses to “Need a new t-shirt?”

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  5. ich bin nicht ich Says:

    Who wouldn’t??? It’s Bill!!!!!!!!! LOL

  6. Elicia Says:

    with sex. HAHA.

  7. Elicia Says:

    😛 its “natural” meaning, u dont pay him with money but nature.. HAHAHAHAHAH!! i know anette would love to pay him in natura.. HAHA

  8. ich bin nicht ich Says:

    Tell him I say hi. And tell him to tell his bro to TAKE IT OFF!!!!

  9. ich bin nicht ich Says:

    You pay him with sex…. 🙂 That’s to pay in natura

  10. LoveTH Says:

    Whats ‘in natura’??

  11. IMA Says:

    Ok ok ok no need to fight, I’ll call him…

  12. ich bin nicht ich Says:

    Hahahhaah Call Bill

  13. astrid Says:

    i would like to order one, thank you very much!!!

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