Bill Kaulitz: “I’m not the One-Night-Stand-Type of guy” ( interview)

On the occasion of the movie “Arthur und die Minimoys 2″, in which Bill Kaulitz lent his voice to the main character of the movie, Gala met up with the Tokio-Hotel-Singer and talked with him about Girls, Rumours and his cooking skills.

For the german version of the film, Bill Kaulitz lent his voice again to the main character of the movie “Arthur und die Minimoys 2 – Die Rache des Bösen M”. Gala met up with the Tokio Hotel Singer for an interview.

In “Arthur 2″, the new animated movie by Luc Besson, you lent the little hero your voice for the second time. Is it difficult for you to indentify with a Fantasy-Figure?
It is a challenge to empathize into a fantasy world and to put all your emotions into an animated figure. The most difficult part is, when you have to laugh or cry on command. And this several times in a row. But in the end everything went well.

Could you imagine to stand in front of the camera for an upcoming film?
Actually, I always had the opinion that a singer should sing and that an actor should act. But to be honest, lately I thought more and more about trying it out. Whereas I don’t even know if I have enough talent for it. It should therefore be a small role.

Would you rather play the bad guy or the superhero?
Definitely the bad guy. Preferably a vampire or a junkie – yes, these would be my absolute dream roles.

The next “Twilight”-Book will be made into a movie soon – how about playing an evil vampire on the side of Robert Pattinson?
I would immediately say yes to a role in “Twilight”.

In “Arthur 2″ the heart of the little hero beats for princess Selena. Your heart however is still looking for love…
I would love to fall in love, but everything fails because of the life I currently lead. With “Tokio Hotel” we spend about two days in a city, then we already fly to the next one. But trust is very important for me in a relationship. I’m very skeptical and I don’t let a lot of people get close to me. Sure, it would be possible for me to take a girl up to my room every night, but I never did that. I’m not the One-Night-Stand type of guy. That’s just not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for somebody who really means something to me.

What should a woman have to arouse your interest?
She would have to radiate the joy of life, be spontaneous and self-confident. Furthermore she should be able to stand on her own feet and she shouldn’t make her live dependent on mine.

Your career with “Tokio Hotel” seems like a fairytale. You’ve become world stars in the last 5 years. Do you sometimes wish to be the normal Bill Kaulitz, that you’ve been before?
Absolutely. On some days I wake up and think: Oh god, that’s so overwhelming, I don’t want to do a thing today. Of course there’s a lot of pressure that weighs on us and I pressure myself the most. My brother, Tom, and I are control freaks. It’s incredibly difficult for us, to let other people decide things. There’s nothing that can be decided without us looking over it – and sometimes it’s just too much. But that’s just the problem of authority I happen to have, and it probably won’t change.

How do you manage to relax, to gain new energy?
The only thing that can distract me is the time that I spend with my family, old friends from school and with my dogs. Just in this little circle of people that are close to me, which already knew me before the whole career with “Tokio Hotel” started, I can relax. I trust them 100%. These friendships are very intense and therefore also very important to me.

But you can no longer go to the disco with your old friends from school…
No, I can’t lead a normal life anymore – and I won’t be able to do that ever again. I don’t need to fool myself. When I go out, Bodyguards are always accompanying me and one is also standing in front of my door. Success is a curse and a blessing at the same time. I can’t live with it, but I also can’t live without it. I need it: the stage, the shows, the spotlight. It gives me a lot of strenght, and I feel myself called upon it – I would like that to last a lifetime. But there are also days, where I would love to be a normal guy.

What would you do on such a day?
A party-vacation with a lot of friends in a two-star hotel on Mallorca or Ibiza. A real chav-vacation, where you start drinking Sangria on the plane.

There is a rumor which states that you’re very stressed and that you’re struggling with a eating disorder …
There are in total 3 rumours which return every year: Bill Kaulitz is anorexic. Bill Kaulitz is gay. Bill Kaulitz leaves the band. But they’re just not right. I’ve always been slim and just don’t gain weight, it doesn’t matter what I do. I don’t pay attention to anything. I order milkshakes and coke and I eat french fries – but it has to be vegetarian. Tom and I don’t eat meat since a year and a half.

Do you cook sometimes?
My cooking skills are enough to cook a plate of pasta. But I’m far too lazy for it anyways. When we’re on the road, we always order something from the room service and otherwise I shove a frozen pizza into the oven.

And your favorite meal – apart from frozen pizza?
I used to love duck with red cabbage and potatoes. But now as a vegetarian I could only eat the side dish. That is why I now prefer to eat Nudelgratin (cmmt.: didn’t find a translation for it XD) with a lot of grilled cheese. It really has to be because of our genes, that we don’t gain any weight. By the way, Tom weighs as much as me – his clothes are just bigger than mine. Well, and he also exercises more than me.

What do you do to stay fit?
To get through the upcoming gigs, I probably need to start jogging again. Although I’m actually totally unsportsmanlike. Weight lifting, swimming, football – I don’t do anything from the above.

Translation thanks to th_apex on LiveJournal.


19 Responses to “Bill Kaulitz: “I’m not the One-Night-Stand-Type of guy” ( interview)”

  1. louise Says:

    amy what do you mean by care about their health? he says himself he always eats unhealthy….and they still like burgers and stuff but just dont eat the meat because of animals….cola does not have meat in it nor fries….i doubt he has become any healthier than before…

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    Bill Kaulitz: “I’m not the One-Night-Stand-Type of guy” ( interview) « Freiheit89crew's Blog…

  7. Cassi Says:

    If you think that the animals that go to our food die PAINLESSLY AND QUICK you have a sheltered sad life and you need to go watch meet your meat. i honestly cannot believe the ignorance of this country.

  8. Stefan Says:

    You’re right, they will eventually, and I think of it this way, either they die slowly and painfully, as in from old age, or quickly and painlessly, as in where they become yummyness. I am a member of PETA, People Enjoying Tasty Animals.

  9. IMA Says:

    Couldn’t agree more 😉

  10. SHIKICHILD Says:


  11. IMA Says:

    I also agree with u Anette XD

  12. ich bin nich ich Says:

    That’s how I feel about religious people too 🙂

  13. Keely Says:

    See, animals die whether we eat them or not. Honestly.

  14. ich bin nich ich Says:

    And a lot of cows and pigs thanks Bill and Tom for their effort to save their lifes!!!!!
    You are right: we don’t really need to eate dead bodies at all….

  15. tokio_hotel_fan Says:

    i love meat but i decided to become a vegetarian and i found it’s not that bad to not eat meat i used to eat in almost every meal but now i feel better and i know i don’t kill animals for it it so idk mean maybe. And for Bill i totally love how strong he is and with every interview i’ve read about him i know he’s such a good person!

  16. IMA Says:

    I agree with you Keely 🙂

  17. Keely Says:

    I like meat too much to become a vegetarian. But I have no problems with vegetarians themselves, UNLESS they try to make me out as evil for eating meat or try to pressure me into becoming like them. Then I get pissed.

  18. Ich bin nich ich Says:

    I was a vegetarian as well, but paied no attention to the protein lack, so I got sick. But now that I know more about this it’s just silly of me to eat meat. But eating out a lot is much easier if you eat meat… sigh. I am trying thouh…

  19. Amy Says:

    I love Tokio Hotel and admire Bill’s courage! It takes some guts to do a lot of the things he has done. I am glad he and Tom care so much about their health. I too am vegetarian and am glad I am. It makes getting in shape all the easier. I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL!!!! I can’t wait until they get more songs out!

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