Paparazzi’s from Z Zegna


8 Responses to “Paparazzi’s from Z Zegna”

  1. IMA Says:

    I’m waiting for the data… *taps in the floor desperately*

  2. Pam Says:

    MANICOMIOS!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!…
    I am looking for some on the internet.. I can send you tthe links if you want!!

  3. IMA Says:

    So instead of going to a mental institution… because you’re right Pam, our brain cells are now permanently damaged… so the right place to go is a centre for disabled persons??? How are they called???

  4. Ich bin nich ich Says:

    Hahahahhahahahahahhahaha I do understand you.

  5. Pam Says:

    Duh, I’m now posting twice…
    See?! My neurons are seriously damiged!!

  6. Pam Says:


  7. Pam Says:


  8. IMA Says:

    His hair is definitely shorter… I LOVE IT

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