Bild talks dirty with Tokio Hotel


5 Responses to “Bild talks dirty with Tokio Hotel”

  1. astrid Says:

    oh i miss the goofy tokio hotel! They are adorkables!!!!

  2. Zinibell Says:

    XD hahahahahahahahaha…omg…hahaha…can’t…breath…hahahaha

  3. Amy Says:

    I really like seeing them like this because it REALLY prooves that they are just like any other person. I can’t stand how some celebrities are all stiff and overly proper in interviews! JUST BE YOURSELF! I love Tokio Hotel because they are nothing, but real with us. Tokio Hotel, gibst uns hart!!!!

  4. ich bin nich ich Says:


  5. Keely Says:

    This reminds me greatly of my best friend and I arguing and just..hanging out in general really haha. They are so funny.

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