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The top girl is our new, permanent split. Every day we draw out one of the submissions that the current top-girl. At year end, we ranked a winner, who gets great rewards.

Will you be the next top-girl? The only thing you need to do is fill out the form below and you’re in the title of the year’s top-girl. .

The top girl is a tribute to Norwegian teenage girls, a series of articles in which top-readers themselves handing out advice and opinions.Here are the Top-girl editorial team has chosen today:

Name: Heidi
Age: 14 years
Location: Drammen
School: Marienlyst School

Who is your favorite celebrity and why?

Tokio Hotel , because many of their songs have helped me through things that have not been so good. They mean everything to me, I could not do without them one day. They also show much love toward the fans, they are good role models and I love that they are happy all the time.
Which star do you think the finest clothes – and why?

Bill Kaulitz. He has so many nice things and have a rockin ‘style, although there may be a bit feminine. I think it’s cool that Bill dares to be themselves. I also like the style of Avril Lavignebecause it’s so rock and cool!
What is your favorite gadget?

My cell phone. There I have all the songs of Tokio Hotel and a bunch of pictures of them.
What do you do when you Skeie out properly?

Eat lots of candy, put me at around 5 at night and watching horror movies with my best friend.
What is your favorite clothes?

All Tokio Hotel t-shirts of mine, but if I had to choose one of them should probably be “Welcome to Humanoid City” t-shirt.
What do you always have in the makeup bag?

Powder, foundation, mascara and eyeliner.
Which sites are your favorites? because that’s where I buy all my things Tokio Hotel and I keep myself updated on what they do. I also like facebook , and
What is your favorite hobby?

I have not a special hobby, but I love to train. I am also very fond of listening to music.
What do you dream to work with when you grow up?

I have dreams of becoming an actor in Hollywood or make-up artist for Tokio Hotel.
What is your favorite store – and why?

H & M . They have very much to suit my style, I always find something there.


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